NCE continues to conduct tests to detect anthrax
НЦЭ продолжает проводить анализы на выявление сибирской язвы 05.09.2023

Over the past week, 34 samples of biological material taken from people for anthrax were delivered to the laboratory of especially dangerous infections of the branch of the RSE at the RSE “National Center of Expertise” of the KSEC of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Akmola region. In 10 samples, anthrax DNA was detected by PCR, and anthrax antigen was detected in 4 samples by the RPHA method (passive hemagglutination reaction).

As noted in the laboratory, 52 samples were taken from the external environment (meat, minced meat, soil, manure, wool, washings, etc.), of which anthrax DNA was detected in 16 samples of meat products.

During the PCR study, plasmids rho1 and rho2 were found in almost all positive samples, which indicates the high virulence of this pathogen.

To date, the National Center of Expertise continues to conduct research on analyzes from people and the external environment from the outbreak.