NCE took part in the development of a national strategic plan for the development of laboratory services
НЦЭ принял участие в разаработке национального стратегического плана по развитию лабораторной службы 25.11.2022

Astana presents the national laboratory policy and strategic goals for the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the goal of creating a unified, sustainable, integrated and digitized laboratory service in the country by 2032 according to the “One Health” principle and Better Labs for Better Health Initiative.

This project provides for broad cooperation between various departments whose activities are related to the protection of public and animal health, namely representatives of public health laboratories, sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary examinations, etc. associations.

The document was developed over six months by the National Laboratory Working Group, which included leading specialists from various laboratory services: public health laboratories, clinical diagnostic laboratories, tuberculosis and AIDS laboratories, veterinary laboratories, environmental control laboratories, as well as private, research and other laboratories and laboratory associations.

The RSE at the RPV “National Center of Expertise” of the State Economic Commission for Economics and Export of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is represented in the working group by the director of the department of strategic development and international cooperation, Erken Alzhanov.

According to Erken Alzhanov, the successful implementation of the project in the future will open up opportunities for laboratory services, including the National Center of Expertise, in terms of modernizing the existing material and technical base, improving infrastructure and introducing digital technologies, which will be reflected in the framework of various state and national programs development. The policy will be approved by an interdepartmental order of the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Environment and will be implemented jointly in the future.