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Ventilation and air conditioning systems, its harm in case of non-compliance with sanitary requirements
Системы вентиляции и кондиционирования воздуха, его вред при несоблюдении санитарных требований 19.07.2019

Ventilation - organized air exchange, contributing to the maintenance of the required hygienic and technological parameters of air, as well as a set of technical means for the implementation of air exchange. Air conditioning is a special treatment of the supply air (cleaning, heating or cooling, humidification or drying, etc.) with the aim of creating and automatically maintaining the specified parameters of the air in the room, as well as a set of technical means providing this process.

Above, I introduced you to the definitions of the topic of my article, then the most important thing is the requirements, that is, the sanitary rules “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems, their cleaning and disinfection”. Many people think that if they installed the whole structure of the respiratory organs of the building in the form of air filters, everything is comfortable for everyone. However, it was not there, they forgot about the most important thing, they need care. Without care, these devices can cause tremendous damage to our health and lead to a complete violation of safety regulations.

Here, for example, when any thing in the house is worth dusting and somewhere, if there is moist air, there can be a process of decay, mold, various microorganisms and parasites (in such places if the insect settles). Further, these are deposits of dust, fat and other organic and inorganic, which are solid, liquid, gas and vaporous organic and inorganic harmful substances (impurities) contained in the air of buildings and in atmospheric air outside buildings, the accumulation of which occurs on the inner surface components of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Therefore, the owners of ventilation systems develop plans (programs) for production control over compliance with sanitary rules and the implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures in the process of cleaning and disinfecting ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as during air disinfection. At this stage, a selection of methods and tools for cleaning and disinfection is carried out, the necessary preparatory work is carried out. The plan for the cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems must be prepared in accordance with the following algorithm: the choice of a method of cleaning the ventilation and air conditioning system based on the analysis of the results of the sanitary-epidemiological examination, the choice of the disinfection method, the choice of disinfectant (with the chemical disinfection method) , notification of the facility administration about the timing and scope of work to clean and disinfect the ventilation and air conditioning systems and safety measures, assessment of the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems, but no one even thinks about it. The results of the quality assessment of the work performed are recorded in the journal after laboratory examinations.

I would like to believe that the owners of ventilation systems do not violate sanitary rules, the premises provide for ventilation and air conditioning, heating systems in accordance with state standards in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction and regulation documents and during their operation - the requirements of standardization documents are observed. Also, the frequency of inspection, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems are established in the sanitary rules and inspection certificates of ventilation (air conditioning) systems according to the type of building.

Protect yourself and others from the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms, which, under the guise of comfort, can have the opposite pathogenic effect on your body. Follow the precautions attributed to regulations.

Laboratory assistant of the National Center
Expertise Kapshagay
City Branch Rakhimova S.S.

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