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Production control at food trade facilities
Производственный контроль на объектах торговли пищевой продукции 11.07.2019

I would like to start my article with normative legal acts such as the Code “On the Health of the People and the Health Care System”, the Law “On the Regulation of Trade Activities”, and the Law “On Food Safety”. Since public relations (of the population) in the field of trade, it establishes the principles and organizational foundations of its state regulation and the obligation for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to implement a production control program for the safety of food products sold.

According to my consumer practice, I can say that no normative act works, because there are no instructions used by sellers to work, such as the proper observance of sanitary and hygienic regimes for the reception, storage, transportation, packaging, labeling and sale of food products, working conditions of workers: microclimate , illumination, including ventilation and air conditioning systems (for objects located in residential buildings and buildings for other purposes). I can comment on my words by those actions when I ask the seller why the storage conditions are violated, where you created the conditions in the form of microclimatic conditions and in return we get one, we do not have free refrigeration equipment, we are not comfortable, we are not forcing you to purchase these products here Stop. But guys why my rights are limited to the seller, I have the right to choose and choose the retail stores or retail chains of their choice, if there is no other legislation. Therefore, I would like for the entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves well and comply with the Entrepreneurial Code before starting their business, which sets out the obligations in clauses 1, 2, 3 of Article 27 and our worrying moments, ensuring the safety and quality of goods, work, services in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

That is, we can safely argue that there is no approved production control program for food trading facilities.

If you did not know where to start and how the production control program (self-monitoring) is developed at your facility, I recommend the Sanitary Rules “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for the Implementation of Production Control” for you, where the steps are listed in Chapter 3.

In compliance with the requirements of legislative acts, provide the buyer with the necessary and reliable information:

  • on marking in accordance with international treaties and (or) the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • about the quality and place of origin of goods,
  • about consumer properties,
  • about warranty obligations and the procedure for making claims,
  • about the methods and rules for using products,
  • about its storage,
  • on the presentation of a certificate of conformity, or a declaration of conformity subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity, in the manner established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of technical regulation,
  • on the compliance of accounting instrumentation, attorneys in accordance with the requirements of the state system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements, in a public place of a trading facility,
  • on the provision of instrumentation in cases of doubt about the buyer’s weight and length, that is, give the opportunity to independently verify these characteristics.

Protect the population from pathogenic diseases, as the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan states, we have the right to life and to protection of health, observe the sanitary requirements for your facility and conscientious work will be awarded.

Specialist of RSE on the REM "National Center for Expertise"
Kapshagai city branch
Daurenbekova M.O.

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