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Meningitis: Symptoms and Prevention
Менингит: симптомы и профилактика 04.10.2019

Meningitis — a dangerous disease for human health, in which inflammation of the spinal cord and brain occurs. You must know how to protect yourself from meningitis. Often a disease happens as a complication of an inflammation, but it can be an independent disease. If treatment does not occur on time, then there may be consequences such as deafness, epilepsy, and damage to internal organs. In children, as a complication, mental retardation may begin.

Causes and symptoms

Meningitis does not happen without high temperature, the disease always carries with it a fever and severe intoxication. An increase in performance usually occurs up to 40 degrees. There are the very first symptoms that will make it clear that a person begins inflammation of the brain.

Pathology is accompanied by the following manifestations:

  • severe headaches;
  • photophobia and intolerance to sounds;
  • vomiting occurs, which does not bring relief;
  • muscle performance decreases and very strong weakness is observed;
  • confusion occurs, lethargy, stupor or severe agitation, anxiety, delirium;
  • the sensitivity of the body is enhanced.

Prevention of Meningitis

Prevention of meningitis is to get vaccinated on time. It is necessary to observe personal hygiene measures, maintain a healthy lifestyle, as this enhances the natural defense of immunity.

You need to wear a mask in places where crowds are in the midst of SARS. You should try to avoid meeting with a patient who has a viral disease. If it happens that there are symptoms of meningitis, then you should immediately visit a doctor.