Useful publications

Useful publications


In the supermarket you are selling popular ready-made salad - olive oil, vodka, vinaigrette, salad with crab sticks and so on.

But not in the past, as the salad is made of hazelnut blooms, more often than not, cannabis cannabis is used, the ideal medium for microbeads.

In foods a saline amount of microorganism grows in geometrical progressions. In addition, salivary gland infections can cause inflammation or cystic infections.

Chromium Togo, in vitro salad technologies, saline aftertaste are not subjected to heat treatment and are capable of contaminated saline with various microflora.

It follows that even nonprofit producers can enjoy a salad that is not freshly cooked, at all, with the remnants of this product.

As a result of a check, the norm of the salad dressing does not work. The salad is freezing at 4 ° C temperature and does not hurt for 12 hours. Esli jet net - break down 18 hours. In practice, it does not work well, it hurts, old salad can be mixed with fresh ones.

In an unprecedented way, the recipe is ready for salad self-catering and does not support food. Such a budget is useful and harmless.