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Useful publications

Plastic packaging benefits and harms
Пластиковая упаковка польза и вред 15.11.2019

Plastic is perhaps the most common packaging material to date. We encounter it every day: bags at the checkout in the store, water in a plastic bottle, trays of instant noodles and much more. And not all types of plastics are suitable for storing products, and even more so for heating.

How to use plastic packaging and utensils.

Do not use disposable plastic dishes and bottles several times. Some types of plastic can release toxic substances, and bacteria also accumulate in microcracks or bends.

Do not heat the plastic unless it is specifically labeled: it is better to shift the food from the packaging into ordinary dishes and heat in the microwave; instant noodles should not be brewed in plastic.

‼ ️Do not store food and drinks in a plastic container not intended for storage: use a glass container for this.

And last, but not least: Dispose of plastic correctly - use special containers with the appropriate labeling.