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Useful publications

Who lives in the refrigerator?
Кто живет в холодильнике? 22.11.2019

If you think that in the cold all products are well preserved in any form - this is not so.

How do bacteria get in the refrigerator?

Very easy. For example, you brought meat from a supermarket and put it in a refrigerator on a shelf. If the meat had salmonella, then they, along with melted juice, get other products that we can simply eat without overcooking and without digesting.

Listeria propagates in half-eaten salads, sliced ​​and other dishes. If you do not wash before use, you can find Escherichia coli: on meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs.

Staphylococcus also prefers dirty foods, but even more he loves half-eaten foods and foods piled up in a single bowl. Unlike pathogenic bacteria, mold can be seen with the naked eye.

How to store food?

It is better not to put raw meat in the refrigerator at all. Bought, brought - and immediately cook. But if you still need to hold it until the evening in the cold, then at least put the meat in a bowl and tightly cover with cling film. The eggs must first be washed and then laid in the refrigerator compartment.